Spy Catchers of the U. S. Army in the War with Japan --by Duval A. Edwards  Most Americans did not know this secret organization existed! But it operated worldwide, including the U. S. In the Pacific Theaters alone, it arrested more than 5,000 people charged with espionage, sabotage, collaboration with the enemy - more than FBI and Navy's ONI combined. This book tells how it was done
by Duval A. Edwards

Selections from a few reviews

Arizona Daily Star, Tucson, Sunday, October 30, 1994:

" . . . spy catching was conducted by a variety of agencies at the beginning of World War II. One of them was the U. S. Army's Counter Intelligence Corps . . . [it] has been succeeded by the Central Intelligence Agency. Edwards . . . in the Corps for four years . . . has collected information about this little known group . . . James Bond fans, this is the real thing." Reviewer: J. C. Martin, Book Editor

Periscope, AFIO [Association of Former Intelligence Officers], April 1996:

" . . . more than just a history of CIC operations . . . It is an organizational history - acknowledged to be 'unfinished' - of the founding and demise of the Army CIC . . . The public still does not know that the CIA is not only the child of OSS, but that CIC was also involved in its inception . . . Mr. Edwards' efforts to capture history and legacy of CIC are commendable, a reminder of how much intelligence history is still to be written-." Staff writer

Military Intelligence PB, US Army M I Corps periodical, April/June 1995:

"It starts just before WW II and runs through the early Cold War years . . . only one other book covers such a wide range of activities: America's Secret Army, by Botting and Sayer. Many people provided accounts . . . the author cleverly wove it all into a fascinating bit of chronology . . . full of interesting and detailed 'bigger than life' incidents." Reviewer: LTC Arthur S. Hurlburt, columnist

Surveillant, Volume 4, Number 1:

"Edwards . . . tells how CIC operated in the Pacific Rim and how its agents overcame problems with the enemy and with its own U. S. Army. By VJ Day, [it] . . . had incarcerated over 5,000 Filipinos waiting trial for espionage, sabotage, and betrayal. Four theaters of operation are covered: the Southwest Pacific, the South Pacific, Central Pacific, and China-Burma-India. He also discusses the role of CIC in the U.S., especially . . . with the large Japanese population in Hawaii." Staff Reviewer

Testimonials from Some of the Readers

" . . . one of the most significant ever written about CIC, by one who lived through the battles and fought the wars on the Pacific front. His work will aid scholars and researchers alike in their quest for facts and information on this little-known but highly effective military group, with its special esprit de corps." Dan Halpin, Dan's Cloak and Dagger Books, Bedford NH

"I must say how impressed I am, Duval, with your having produced such a readable, interesting account of CIC's activities in the war with Japan. It sits well with America's Secret Army." Ian Sayer, co-author of America's Secret Army, United Kingdom

"It seems like each day the past is catching up with me, but I keep plugging along. I read the entire book . . . and can say 'an outstanding job.'" Lt. Col. Richard Sakakida, California, CIC agent who survived capture and torture by the Japanese

"I became all-inspired after an evening . . . of Spy Catchers. As I got into some of the escapades I thought this is stuff for a novel. The difference is you are stating facts. I can only look with awe at the amount of research and interviewing you must have done . . . and then to put it in book form . . . interesting to read." Jim Anderson, Anderson Advertising Agency Inc., San Antonio, Texas

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