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Wade Y. Ishimoto to Lead ACS Defense Services as Director for Homeland Counter Terrorism, and Counter Intelligence


DALLAS, TEXAS: March 6, 2002, – ACS (NYSE:  ACS), a premier provider of business process and information technology outsourcing solutions, announced today the appointment of Wade Y. Ishimoto to direct the company’s Homeland Security, Counter Terrorism, and Counter Intelligence initiatives. This appointment launches the company’s overarching initiative to assist Federal, state and local governments in preparing for, and responding to, threats and serious events leading to a crisis, key to government preparedness and responsiveness.


Mr. Ishimoto’s unique background in intelligence, counter intelligence, special operations, security, crisis management, and investigations has made him a nationally recognized expert. He has taken on significant high-profile assignments in support of our national security since the 1970s. As a charter member of the nation’s first dedicated counter terrorist force, he brought many innovations to terrorism intelligence analysis and led a security element on the fateful 1980 hostage rescue in Iran.  He has also provided security and antiterrorism consulting to the United States Olympic Committee.  Ishimoto received awards for his contributions to the Department of Energy (DOE) Nuclear Emergency Support Team and to emergency management within DOE.


His involvement as a major contributor to the investigation of the Waco, Texas, Branch Davidian incident resulted in a commendation from the Secretary of Treasury. After serving on the Khobar Towers task force, he led the efforts of the Defense Threat Reduction Agency to perform worldwide anti-terrorism assessments. He has planned and directed several national, interagency exercises on terrorist response, and has instructed U.S. military, intelligence, and law enforcement officials on security and combating terrorism.


Mr. Ishimoto’s excellent interagency reputation in the combating of terrorism, intelligence collection, and crisis management has qualified him as an expert who is frequently interviewed on national television and since September 11 he has made appearances on CNN, CBS, and Fox News.


Harvey V. Braswell, Group President of ACS said, “The time is right to consolidate ACS’ extensive capabilities in Homeland Security, Counter Terrorism, and Counter Intelligence under the leadership of Wade Ishimoto. Support to our clients in these critical areas will be strengthened under his experienced leadership.  At ACS we are doing our part to assist the government in solving some of the toughest issues our nation has ever faced.”


ACS has a broad client base in this arena that includes all of the Commander-in-Chiefs (CINCs), Joint Forces, Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marines as well as the Intelligence Agencies, Department of Justice, and other law enforcement agencies.  ACS also provides trusted services to many state and local governments.  International ACS clients include NATO, European, Middle Eastern, and Central American governments.


ACS is currently working in such focused areas as Government Health Affairs; Counter Drug and Law Enforcement; Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C4ISR); and Security and Information Assurance (IA).  ACS Defense has strong expertise in providing threat, vulnerability, and physical security assessments, training in the detection of cyber terrorism, and the protection of critical communications infrastructure.


ACS, a Fortune 1000 company with more than 30,000 people in 35 countries, provides business process and technology outsourcing solutions to world-class commercial and government clients. The company’s Class A common stock trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “ACS.”  ACS makes technology work.  Visit ACS on the Internet at http://www.acs-inc.com.


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